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Art Bridge Institute

Project participants will study similar art projects and collaborative endeavors that bring art together with other fields, exploring the new roles for art that they engender, as well as the potential for manufacturing.

Bridge Story


On the official website we will run a continuing series of articles that will become a “bridge story” about various experiences and ways of thinking, penned by eight writers who work from original points of view and networks. The articles–unique in terms of genre, style and location of transmission–will lead to the emergence of perspectives on our era as the writers’ respective ideas and opinions criss-cross and inter-resonate. This “bridge story” series will be updated by four writers at a time on the 30th of each month until March 2016.

Bridge Story on the official website


3331 Arts Chiyoda, etc.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Art Bridge Institute (NPO)

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