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TURN is an art program that will bring people of different backgrounds together, generating a variety of uniquely individual encounters and artistic expressions.
This year, the first time that the event is taking place, we will aim to create programs in which the general public – including people who need welfare-related support – can participate, incorporating a blend of figurative and physical forms of expression and dialogue on the subject of diversity. Specifically, we will hold TURN Fes, which will feature programs that facilitate interaction between artists and social welfare facilities.
In the second year (FY2016), we will launch a model project in the form of the TURN Center, a venue for year-round exchange among a diverse array of people through the medium of art. Furthermore, we plan to hold the second TURN Fes, which will showcase the fruits of these activities.

General Supervisor: Katsuhiko Hibino (artist; Professor, Department of Intermedia Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Coordination: Riko Okuyama (TURN Coordinator, Arts Council Tokyo; Curator, Mizunoki Museum of Art)

Statement by General Supervisor Katsuhiko Hibino

There are lots of people.
I am only me.

Can you see me?

The me in you.
The you in me.

When I met you
and we shared the innate strength that each of us has,
I TURN toward you.

When you looked at me
and noticed the innate strength that each of us has,
you TURN toward me.

Spaces in which lots of people are trying different ways to TURN
will TURN into TURN FES.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

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