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Overseas Study Visit Program for Arts Management Professionals (FY2024)

Based on the Tokyo Cultural Strategy 2030 (formulated in March 2022), Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) aim to strengthen Tokyo’s function as an international art hub by generating creativity that has global appeal, with Metropolitan Tokyo as the center of the domestic and international art scene, and by maximizing Tokyo’s concentration of artistic and cultural resources. To that end, we will send young arts management professionals, who will in future play a role in connecting artists and society, on short term study visits to arts festivals etc. providing opportunities to create a network of people involved in arts and culture overseas as a first step to working on the world stage. In addition, by offering direct contact with pioneering works from overseas and the international creative frontlines, the hope is to foster creative momentum with an international perspective.

Moreover, through this program we will deepen cooperation between Tokyo and program destinations going forward, contributing to the building and strengthening of networks between Tokyo and the global arts sector.

Overseas Study Visit Program for Arts Management Professionals

Target participants

*The target arts field will be selected in accordance with partner destinations.
– Producers, directors etc. involved in performing arts (theater, dance, music in general), theater technicians, etc.
– Arts management professionals including directors and curators involved in the field of visual arts
*People interested in overseas performances, exchanges and coproductions with the global arts sector who have little or no overseas experience.
*People with three years or more onsite experience related to the arts.
*Residents of the Metropolitan Tokyo area who are engaged primarily in work within Tokyo.

Study visit period and Number of program participants

Study visit period
Maximum 7 days (duration of stay at destination) *Around 9 days including travel days

Number of program participants
Around 10 per year, 2-3 participants scheduled per destination


First open call of fiscal year 2024
[Venice Biennale, Rome]
Please see here for details. *Applications are now closed.

Application guidelines for Overseas Study Visit Program for Arts Management Professionals

Application guidelines for Overseas Study Visit Program for Arts Management Professionals[PDF] *In Japanese


*Return air ticket between Japan and destination (Economy Class)
*Expenses incurred during stay
*Daily allowance
*Additionally, before they go overseas, participants can access support in the form of advice; for example coordination of schedules and programs at the destination, introductions to relevant people at the destination, etc.

Conditions for participation

Before study visit
*We will coordinate a detailed schedule for the study visit (to be coordinated with the organizer and administrative office)
*In order to set up the program, you will be asked to conduct research of the destination, negotiate and coordinate with facilities to be visited and interviewees, etc. (advice available from advisors and organizers)

During study visit
*We ask that you create daily reports, record the study visit program (video, photographs etc.), and keep us updated on the situation during your stay via ZOOM or email as appropriate.

After study visit
*Required to make a presentation at the project report and report session.


【Program at destination】
A week or so long program consists of the Basic Program to be arranged and decided by the organizers, and the Original Program that participants will research, plan, arrange and decide tailored to their own interests.

Basic Program
This is a program arranged and decided by the organizers. The organizers will coordinate meetings and visits at the destination. This is a requisite during the program period.

Original Program
This is a program that participants will research, plan, and coordinate themselves. After their participation in the program is finalized, each participant will do their own research on the destination in advance and consider and coordinate relevant locations for visits and interviews.

【Program report meeting】
At the end of the year in which the program is implemented (scheduled for March), we will ask participants to present program results, based on implementation reports from all participants sent overseas. Presentations at the report session are a required condition.


【The screening process】
Participants will be selected after deliberation by a screening committee that includes external experts.

*In the primary selection round, the submitted application documents will be scrutinized and screened.
* In the secondary selection round, participants will be decided by interview at Arts Council Tokyo’s office.

【Key points of screening】
Screening will be conducted with consideration to the following:

Track record: whether the applicant has been active for three years or more
Motivation: whether the applicant demonstrates ambition to expand their activities overseas
Enthusiasm: whether the applicant is motivated for action at the destination
Future planning: whether the applicant has a clear vision for development going forward

All applicants will be notified in writing of the results of the screening process.

*Applicants selected to participate in the program will be required to agree to the contents of a “Participation Pledge” for signature and submission before being sent overseas.

Handling of personal information

Personal information in application documents will be handled appropriately in accordance with Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture regulations regarding the protection of personal information. However, this information may be provided to external experts or to Tokyo Metropolitan Government for screening, ex-post evaluation, etc.
Additionally, we may send participants questionnaires, etc. regarding activities on the program and Arts Council Tokyo’s grant programs.


Overseas Study Visit Program for Arts Management Professionals Administrative Office
*Please direct any enquiries about the program to the email address below.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Overseas Study Visit Program for Arts Management Professionals