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Continuing online activities under coronavirus

Arts Council Tokyo Grant Program: Activity Report of Social Grant-Session 1

Arts Council Tokyo started the Social Grant Program in 2015 to support programs that address social issues through artistic/cultural activities and endeavors connecting a wide range of people – people with disabilities, the elderly and children, and people from other countries – with the arts and culture. This grant supports arts-related activities that people from diverse social environments can participate in together and with which they can demonstrate creativity while respecting each other’s individuality; programs that tackle a variety of social and urban challenges by leveraging the special qualities of arts and culture; and pioneering activities that propose new meaning for arts and culture in society and promote an approach to art that is open to all.

Taking part as panelists in the first Activity Report session pertaining to the Social Grant Program will be two 2020 grant recipients who have continued with online activities under coronavirus. In Part 1, we introduce the activities of the NPO Inclusive field for Dance since 1998, a group which engages in inclusive co-creation/collaborative expression with an array of different people; and the non-profit organization, Tokyo Soteria, an organization which works to raise public awareness of mental health and welfare through theater. In Part 2, we exchange opinions and share challenges with participants, with the aim of building a network between organizations and individuals.

*Photographs, audio and video footage will be taken during the Activity Report session for the purpose of the organizer’s publicity and records. Video recordings will not be made available as archive material.
*After the Activity Report session, reports, articles etc. will be made available on the Arts Council Tokyo website and elsewhere.
*Assistive technology support is available in the form of sign language interpreting and the speech-to-text app UD Talk.

Featured organizations
NPO Inclusive field for Dance since 1998 (Speakers: Yoko Nishi, Haruka Chiba, Marie Mizumura)
Non-profit organization, Tokyo Soteria (Speakers: Sayaka Tsukamoto, Shiho Hasegawa, Naoyuki Matsumoto)

Tomonori Ogawa

Graphic facilitator
Junko Shimizu

Program (scheduled)

18:20 Venue opens
18:30 Introduction to Social Grant Program
18:40 Part 1: Activity Report
NPO Inclusive field for Dance since 1998
Non-profit organization, Tokyo Soteria
19:40 Break
19:50 Part 2: Round table discussion
21:00 Close

Outline of activities under grant

NPO Inclusive field for Dance since 1998
– FY2015
“Let’s connect our hearts with our hands together: Dance dance dance!”
– Second term of FY2016
“Serial “co-creation” art program developed with inclusive dance performance as its core”
– Second term of FY2017
“New inclusive dance- Aiming for “co-creation” through open art exchange”
– FY2018
““Eyes on the future”: Dance & Archives – Children communicate through “Inclusive Dance”
– First term of FY2020
“Work-in-progress “Taking on the challenge of facilitation of co-creation/collaborative expression”: Making progress through a cycle of research, creation, and social practice”

In the pursuit of “inclusive dance” as “co-creation/collaborative expression,” the group decides on an annual theme, and holds a series of study groups, exchange/networking events and workshops in order to create and present works. Holding research sessions and workshops online in 2020 allowed the group to look back on practices and knowledge accumulated in twenty years of activities, with the aim of theorizing these as widely applicable; and it also allowed the group to work on developing the role “co-creation/collaborative expression facilitator,” someone able to make headway with co-creation projects on the ground.
Non-profit organization, Tokyo Soteria
– Second term of FY2019
Arte e Salute “Marat/Sade” ~Japan – Italy joint theatrical project by people with mental disorder~
– Second term of FY2020
Arte e Salute “Marat/Sade” ~Japan – Italy joint theatrical project by people with mental disorder~

The aim of this project was to raise public awareness of mental health issues by collaborating on the creation and performance of a theatrical piece with Arte e Salute, a theater group for people with mental disorders operating in Bologna, Italy, a country with no psychiatric hospitals. Due to coronavirus preventive measures, in 2019 Tokyo was the main venue for a remote symposium linked with Osaka, Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Fukushima and Bologna.
The symposium included a status report on the project and explored the universal connections required between people under coronavirus, the power of art, and the challenges and hopes for the future of mental health. In 2020,
the theater performance “Marat/Sade” was co-produced and screened by the Arte e Salute from Bologna with performers from Japan.

Guest organizations and speakers

NPO Inclusive field for Dance since 1998

Hiroko Nishi
President, Chairperson

Haruka Chiba
Member, auditor

Marie Mizumura
Staff, board member

Non-profit organization, Tokyo Soteria

Sayaka Tsukamoto
Tokyo Soteria Secretariat Office

Shiho Hasegawa
Mental Health Social Worker, Certified Social Worker

Naoyuki Matsumoto
Team member of Arte e Salute Tokyo


Tomonori Ogawa

Graphic facilitator

Junko Shimizu


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