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  • Organization : Sinbunka
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The setting for this work is the “tilting condominium” in Yokohama that made headlines in fall 2015. A young couple, the only people renting an apartment there, unresistingly accept the building’s flaws and decide to leave. However this decision is not based on tolerance. Nor is it based on subservience. A possible reason is what you might call the “quiet unease” of their everyday frame of mind. An apathetic sense of anxiety acquired by the “generation that knows only recession” born after the late 1980s leads them to pick a thoroughly pragmatic way of life. The rule for living (the know-how to go alongside their anxiety) which they introduce into the man-woman relationship exposes the insincerity of a “normal way of life” that is steeped in prejudice and delusion.


Theater company formed by playwright Yutaro Murakoso. From 2014 his activities in Tokyo gained momentum, and the following year Murakoso expanded his presence to Kansai. He received the Akane Nakamura Award in the 3331 Chiyoda Arts Festival 2014 performance section. Murakoso creates his works by layering emphasis on genuinely realistic text with the difficulties people have in reality when it comes to true interaction with others. From April 2016 he also began 15-minute “serial theater” comedy shows every Friday night in Nakameguro, stemming from an awareness that true dialogue is inhibited by prejudice and delusion. As a story develops from the weekly accumulation of this one-man narrative show, Murakoso asks the audience to think about what it means to listen without prejudice.


Yutaro Murakoso
E-mail: yutaromurakoso@gmail.com


NICA (Chuo City, Tokyo)