What we do

Hanazono Project 2017~RED & BLUE~

  • Organization : Hatachi-no-kuni
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Leading up to the forthcoming Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan in 2019, there will be annual performances of the coming-of-age rugby repertory theater series “Hanazono”, as the first phase in the “Hanazono Project” celebrating Japanese rugby and entertainment.
Performed together will be “Hanazono RED”, a celebratory look at the trivial yet out-of-the-ordinary world of the ballgame, and “Hanazono BLUE” which depicts the inherent ups and downs of adolescence in the dismal life of delinquents.

Supervising director: Ryushi
Performers: Macchu Saito, Masaya Furuki, Ryushi, others
Stage director/designer: Hidenori Sato (Stage mates)
Music: Nobu Ikeda
Lighting: Takaaki Kurota(Kurozaru)
Production:Tomoko Nii
Producer: Ryushi
Planning and production: Hatachi-no-kuni


Hatachi-no-kuni was founded in 2012 under the tenet of “being popular, making money and being fawned over”. With Ryushi taking charge of all production, writing and direction, it was formalized as a theater troupe in 2016. Daring to take the “easy road” that everybody avoids, and concentrating on the theme of adolescence that nobody avoids, Hatachi-no-kuni depicts human universality and the irreplaceable nature of life in a sometimes dynamic, sometimes delicate way.




Sumida park studio Theater Sou (Sumida City,Tokyo)