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Movies from Sound 1 "Music as Movie"

  • Organization : charm point
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music, Visual Art / Media Art


We will make a movie by starting with sound. The music we use isn’t so-called “movie music,” nor is it program music intended to enhance a certain visual. In a way, you could say that it is a story written in music. This story is treated as intermedia between literature and cinema, told not in words, but sound (voice). This “Music as Movie” will be performed by cutting-edge voice performers, singers, and musicians.

The text is from Oscar Wilde’s Salome.
Composing/Conducting: Takumi Ikeda
Director: Kei Shichiri
Voice Performing: Junko Sato / William Tokuhisa /Ami Yamazaki / Ikuhiro Yamagata / Teppei Kondo / Shogo Koga / Others

We will also be offering a lecture titled Inside the Movie, After the Movie, the Environment of the Movie.


charm point
Founded by movie director Kei Shichiri and a group of independent video staff, musicians, and artists in 2012 to create works that extend beyond existing genres. Their previous projects include Before the daybreaks, a film that consists almost entirely of voice and presence rather than people appearing onscreen; a video poem with no words entitled Hottentotapron a sketch; and a short collaboration with architects entitled Dubhouse. They have also been pursuing various experimental approaches in the method of screening their works.


Kei Shichiri
charm point
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Uplink (Shibuya City, Tokyo)