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Plus Eighty One
World Premiere「Que・Sera」

  • Organization : Plus Eighty One
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


A performance of the new work “Que Sera” by Plus Eighty One, a dance unit with Masahiro Yanagimoto and internationally-active Japanese artists
This project welcomes Ikuyo Kuroda, founder and head of the all-female dance company BATIK, Kumotaro Mukai, a butoh performer who belonged to butoh company Dairakudakan for 18 years, Hiroaki Kumagai who is appearing with Plus Eighty One for the third time since his stint at Cirque du Soleil, and architect Daisuke Kamiryo in charge of art direction. This unique experiment sees all participating artists handling direction, choreography and performance, with Yanagimoto as scenarist.

(From the production notes)
We danced desperately
We spoke blindly
As we played aimlessly, the clouds present until a moment ago cleared as if by magic
A story of those who make no distinction between moderation and limits
Words spill over and before you know it become poetic music,
And the throbbing of a body full of vitality eventually stops

Performers and staff
Project: Plus Eighty One
Direction and choreography: Masahiro Yanagimoto
Performers: Kumotaro Mukai, Ikuyo Kuroda, Hiroaki Kumagai and Masahiro Yanagimoto
Art direction: Daisuke Kamiryo
Sound: Yasuo Kawada
Lighting: Hisashi Adachi (Impression)
Stage direction: Jiro Hirose
Production: Eri Fukahori


【Plus Eighty One / Masahiro Yanagimoto】
Plus Eighty One was formed in 2011 by Masahiro Yanagimoto, who left Japan for Europe in 1998, where he worked for dance companies in the region for eight years. At the All Nippon Ballet Gala 2011 the troupe presented “Lilly yori bassui” (“Excerpts from Lilly”), which afterwards received requests for repeat performances from all over Japan, and as a result was performed again in Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo and Cannes. In 2012 the troupe unveiled “Shakotan Blue” at the second All Nippon Ballet Gala. 2013 saw Plus Eighty One producing and performing its first standalone performance “Zenryoku Shissou”(“Disappearing with all my might”) as an external project supported by the NPO Con Carino based in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The company produced and directed “Triple Boggy” in 2015, “Black List” in 2016 and “Dansa@Odoriba” (“Dancefloor on different levels”) in 2017.


Masahiro Yanagimoto
Plus Eighty One


ZA-KOENJI 1(Suginami City, Tokyo)