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Integrated Dance Company Kyo Korea

  • Organization : Creative Art Executive Committee
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Integrated Dance Company Kyo performed two pieces at KIADA (Korea International Accessible Dance Festival) held at Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, Korea between July 31 and 6 August. Participating at KIADA were dance companies from around the world whose members include dancers with physical or intellectual disabilities.

“Only a sudden flurry of gestures”
Performers:Amakata,Tomomi Kosano, Takashi Suzuki
Performers: Yoko Izumi, Naoko Ishiwada, Satoshi Shibuya, Takashi Suzuki, Daiki Nishimura, Shingo Yoshizawa
Rehearsal manager: Mutsumi Komatsu

Technical director: Asako Miura
Assistant of director: Haruna Matsunami
Director: Yuko Ijichi


Creative Art Executive Committee
Creative Arts Executive Committee was founded in May 1990 aiming to support disabled people expressing themselves in a form of arts and to explore new forms of artistic expressions. The committee encourages not only disabled people, but also people of different age, gender, and ethnic to take part in artistic activities and strives for paving a way to create a new style for the society to have greater flexibility and tolerance. In addition to providing participatory and interactive activities and producing arts-related projects in local communities, the committee established Integrated Dance Company, Kyo with an aim of bringing innovation in the dance expression through the company dancers’ various physiques, each of which have an individual significance. The committee’s efforts to integrate the society and the arts have attracted much attention.


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Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, Korea