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Connecting Asia with Theatre 2018

  • Organization : Asian rib
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The “Connecting Asia with Theatre 2018” program featured a performance in translation of the Japanese play “Feelings of Annin tofu,” and creative activities carried out through Onodera Shuji’s body movement method by an artists’ collaboration comprising members selected in auditions in Japan and Taiwan.

“Feelings of Annin tofu”
Written and directed by Chung Eusin
Translation by Yamazaki Rieko
Taiwan version text adapted by Lin MengHuan
Stage design by Chen LiangRu
Lighting by Kao ChihChien
Assistant Director by E-RUN
Performed by Peng Hao-chin, Pallas Lai

“Onodera Shuji creative work shop”
Directed by Onodera Shuji
Text by Lin MengHuan
Translation by Yamazaki Rieko
Performed by Chou ChunPeng, Chen YuTien, Liu JuiChu, Chou KuanJou, Shikichi Osamu, Oba Yusuke, Sakiyama Rina


Asian rib
A private organization launched in January 2017, this platform for the introduction and production of stage works aims to strengthen theatrical exchange among Asian countries. Its core members are Rieko Yamazaki (aka E-RUN), who studied at drama school in Beijing from 1991 and went on to translate, direct, appear in, and produce theater performances in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese-speaking areas; and Hong Myungwha, a South Korean resident of Japan who is active in both Korea and Japan, and who won the 9th Odashima Yushi Drama Translation Award in 2017.
AsiAn Rib’s activities are based on the principle of transmitting Asian messages from Asian artists to the world, looking ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Asian rib
E-mail: asianrib@gmail.com


Cyber Theater (Taiwan), Quanta Theater (Taiwan)
Yamabuki Factory, Shinjuku City, Tokyo