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Watarikiranu Hashi

  • Organization : Onsen Dragon
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This work portrayed the life of writer Shigure Hasegawa, who was active during the late Meiji and early Showa period. Shigure, who is recognized as a pioneering female playwright, was exposed to literature from an early age and was progressive in her ideas. However, she had to endure the disdain for women in society at that time, such as the unwanted marriage forced on her by her parents.
She later achieved success as a novelist and playwright, establishing a literary magazine by women and for women called “Nyoningeijutsu” (“Women’s Arts”), which aimed at the emancipation and social advancement of women. All the characters in this work were played by male actors, with Ryuichi Tsukuba as Shigure Hasegawa, and Ken Iwainofu as Shigure’s close friend Yachiyo Okada, in a bid to shine a different light on the life of a woman forced to live within the framework of a male-dominated society.


Onsen Dragon
Formed in 2010, the troupe’s five current members are Atsushi Sakamoto, Ryuichi Tsukuba, Ken Iwainofu, Keita Shirai and Yu Harada. In recent years a unit-based structure has become standard in the Japanese theatrical world, with actors gathered to perform on a per-work basis, and one person doubling as writer and director. Onsen Dragon creates works with fixed members in order to guarantee the quality of the work. The troupe has two playwrights and regularly stages original works. Through the stage pieces they create, the troupe challenges, questions, and delves into universal themes such as life and death, the concept of love, and what constitutes a nation or state.


Onsen Dragon
5-6-10, Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0013 JAPAN
E-mail: onsendragon@gmail.com


Za-Koenji Public Theatre, Suginami-City, Tokyo