What we do

"National Okutama Story ~ Aurora in October ~"

  • Organization : The National Museum of Art, Okutama
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This project is an exhibition organized by “The National Museum of Art, Okutama”, entitled “National Okutama Story ~ Aurora in October ~”Under the theme of “story”, two artists exhibited. Participating artist Masahiro Wada, who is an active in the art scene, has presented his first film work at this exhibition. Tomohiro Nagahata is working as a sculpture artist, also active as a manga artist who is currently presenting his comic work in the manga magazine “AX”. The exhibition theme is set as “story” which come from a concept of “time-based art” stood for both movie and comic.


“The National Museum of Art, Okutama” pursuits to develop a model case for “creation” and “presentation” of art that is inevitable for people engaged in making things. The possibility that the creator and the viewer influence each other and change the future.
The miracle of living together in this world. We aim to explore the myriad possibilities hidden in this world, which are not yet seen, through meeting the creator and the audience.


Satsuka Masahiro
The National Museum of Art, Okutama


The National Museum of Art, Okutama, Ome City, Tokyo