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The 33rd Mayumino-kai

  • Organization : Matsunokai a general corporation
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Mayumino-kai is held for the purpose of disseminating the culture of the classic artform of Noh, and targeted at people from all over the world of all ages. To enable more people to discover Noh, organizers provide seating that comes with tablet-based commentary, allowing Noh novices and those with impaired hearing to follow the performance. Moreover, the event features performances by first-class Noh artists including those awarded living national treasure status, so that audiences can get a feeling with their eyes and ears for the top-level artistry and expressive power shown on stage.
This year marks the 33rd outing for Mayumino-kai, which has a long history of support from a great many people. Every year organizers present a program tailored to ever-changing times and cultural needs. With 2020 as the Olympic year, the peace-themed program featured Noh works that exemplify a wish for universal and national peace such as “Daihannya” and “Sansho.” In addition, a display in the lobby allowed people to see Noh costumes that were actually used on stage, as a way of contributing to Noh culture and preserving its traditions.


Matsunokai a general corporation
Matsunokai chairperson Chitoshi Matsuki was born in 1962 as the eldest son of the Matsuki family spanning three generations of shitekata principle Noh actors in the Kanze style. In 1966 he made his stage debut in the Shimai “Oimatsu,” and after graduating from Gakushuin junior high and high school, he was apprenticed to Yukifusa Takeda in 1982, while studying in the Department of Traditional Japanese Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduating he became independent in 1989, and established Matsunokai in 2016 with the aim of passing down the traditions of Japan’s oldest theatrical art form Noh. Besides his stage work, designated Important Intangible Cultural Property Matsuki is active in the promotion of Noh culture, planning and holding workshops for schools and lecture courses across the country. To date (February 2020) he has 195 shite-role performances under his belt. He took over the annual Mayumino-kai from his predecessor, an event now in its 33rd year. His intention is to continue his work promoting Noh-related activities.


Matsunokai a general corporation


Kanze 25th “Kanze Sakon” memorial Kanze school Noh Theater, Chuo City, Tokyo