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SOHO21 The 18th Exhibition of Music Works

  • Organization : SOHO21
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Traditional performing arts continue to this day with tradition and creativity in tandem. In the midst of a cultural crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus, SOHO21 held this concert as a way of disseminating creator-driven traditional performing arts/hogaku traditional Japanese music. The group want to show the current direction and the appeal of Japanese traditional music by performing a mix of newly written and revived works by the hogaku fraternity.

1.“The 3rd voice”: Lyrics by Tai Kaneko; composed by Masaki Imafuji
Performed by Masaki Imafuji, Kyoko Yamabiko, Saki Kineya
2. “Antigone”: Lyrics by Chie Mitsui; composed by Eikichi Kiyomoto
Performed by Chie Mitsui, Eikichi Kiyomoto, Chuichiro Matsunaga
3. “Two pieces around Aya,color of tone: “Kaze-Aya; for koto and violin,” “ Ito-Aya; for shamisen and koto”
Performed by Toshiko Yonekawa, Chotatsuro Imafuji, Mai Suzuki
4. “Carpenter and ogre “Roku””: Adaptation by Tai Kaneko; composed by Yoshijiro Imafuji; arrangement by Shinuro Katada
Performed by Shinzo Fujita, Minosuke Kineya, Yoshijiro Imafuji, Masajuro Imafuji, Shinuro Katada, Tatsuyuki Mochizuki, Kan Fukuhara
5. “If it be so, we would bring the bell”: Composed by Toru Fukuhara
Performed by Toru Fukuhara
6. “Sotoba Komachi”: Written by Masao Sugi; composed by Masataro Imafuji; arrangement by Rosen Tosha
Performed by Masaki Imafuji, Minosuke Kineya, Saki Kineya, Chuichiro Matsunaga, Chotatsuro Imafuji, Masajuro Imafuji, Shinjuro Katada, Tatsuyuki Mochizuki, Kan Fukuhara


Formed in January 1997 by aspiring creators from various genres of hogaku (traditional Japanese music) who came together with the aim of carrying on and further developing the tradition of hogaku. In March 1997, a literary division was established to proactively create important words for Japanese music along with musical composition. After organizing numerous trial performances and research sessions, in May 2000 they presented the first concert of their own works. They have given concerts almost once a year ever since. Since 2010, the members have also been holding the open class “Sousaku-no-kimo (The Heart of Creations),” in which they analyze works and suggest approaches to listening from the perspective of creators.




Kioi small hall,Chiyoda City,Tokyo