What we do


  • Organization : Suichu-megane∞
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


As well as focusing on the “physical nature of a person on the path to suicide” this work dealt with the unstable “state” of the individual “I” and the group “we,” torn between the extremes of “control” and “freedom” in society and community. Instead of trying to integrate these situations into the framework of a performance, providing answers to these issues or running away from them, the work attempted to find a solution for the “mesosphere” between the two extremes of conflict through physical experimentation and image creation.
This is a new performance created with 17 performers, the largest number ever for the group.

Directed and choreographed by: Ayane Nakagawa (Suichu-megane∞)
Performers: Kanako Matsukuma and Ayane Nakagawa (hereinafter to be referred to as Suichu-megane∞), Fumiya Asano. Nanako Iwase(Tarinof dance company), Hiroe Okada, Hirona Kai, Mizuki Shizuku, Reina Sumi, Manami Nagisa, Richard Negishi, Yuka Hirata, Haruka Makabe, Tomomichi Matsumoto(GUSH OUT), Yui Mizuguchi, Nagisa Yamaguchi, Marin Yamada
Special guest appearance: Akiyoshi Nita


A contemporary dance company founded in 2011, which consists of choreographers, dancers, producers, and visual designers. The troupe’s parallel activities currently comprise the organizing and producing of stage productions/video works, as well as work for outside clients such as music video choreography. While basing her professional activities on “dancing,” troupe leader Ayane Nakagawa uses theatrical techniques and production to make simple concepts and fragments of images dance, and her work is characterized by a style similar to science fiction techniques of the sort that push the limits of the viewer’s imagination. In recent years Nakagawa, who studied classical ballet and Nihon Buyo from childhood and went through adolescence between pointe shoes and Japanese tabi socks, has been trying to develop practical concepts unique to her. These include receiving high acclaim for her attempt at connecting the forms and aesthetics of traditional performing arts to the context of contemporary dance in “my choice, my body,” as well as her involvement in the project “shiki,” which is designed to create an on-the-ground environment of neutral collaboration with leaders and successors in the field of Nihon Buyo Japanese dance.




Kichijoji Theatre, Musashino City, Tokyo