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Riseiteki-na-Henzintachi vol.2 “Oroika Song”

  • Organization : Riseiteki-na-Henzintachi
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Repeatedly postponed since 2020, the staging of this work has come to fruition after further improvements to the play. In addition to the performance, programs intensifying enjoyment of the work were also on offer, such as a participatory online pre-event, and related special videos available for a fee.
Archive video footage was also streamed after the performance period.

This is the story of three generations of Saiki family women: Oto, who is raising the daughter of her dead sister; single mother Yayoi; and twins Rinko and Yuko, who take different paths as the result of sexual violence. Through their stories, “Oroika Song” unflinchingly addresses the problems inherited by Japanese women, and the problems they face today. Without pretending there weren’t any flaws they didn’t want to show to others, at the very least these women want to accept themselves as they are….

Written by: Erika Kamata
Directed by: Miyuki Ikuta (Bungakuza)
Performed by: Hanano Takizawa, Ayako Umemura (Bungakuza), Chinatsu Sato, Mio Nishioka, Marissa
Production staff
Stage direction/lighting: Takaaki Kurota (Kurozaru)
Lighting operator: Toshiki Ogata (Kurozaru)
Sound: Koji Ozono
Sound operator: Takuya Yoshida
Publicity art/visual design: Marino Aramaki
Production: Aya Hayasaka
Stage photography: Satoshi Kusaka
Streamed video: Riku Takahat


Riseiteki-na-Henzintachi was founded by five women who chose to work in theater despite graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, which has no theater department. The troupe’s aim is to explore what theater can do to connect people, and what forms of expression can enable this.
While valuing the unique perspective of women in their 30s, the group challenges itself to consciously and continuously explore forms of theatrical expression which it considers required or missing in Japan, in order to reflect the times.




Atelier Dai Q Geijutsu, Setagaya City, Tokyo