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  • Organization : SAMPLE
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


One of the greatest feature of Shu Matsui’s work is to focus cutting-edge aspects of our modern lives such as homosexuality, gender transition, regenerative medicine and religion while his consistent theme of this work is to challenge boundaries. In this new piece of three actors drama, one of the actor he will direct is Kim Ito, an acclaimed dancer and choreographer. The piece illustrates the situation borrowed by The Wayfarer of Soseki Natsume which is a sibling and older brother’s wife live in the same house together.
The older brother confronts distrust against his wife, and requests his younger brother to take a two days and one night trip with her alone. He also asks him to report every single thing happened between them. You must not miss how Shu will develop and end this triangle relationship on stage.


Shu Matsui(Playwright/Director/Actor) is the leader of the Company.
His bawdy yet mythological style of work is outrageously integrated by seamless effort of designated actors and his staff, and is highly acclaimed by audience in his generation at most. He won the 55th Kishida Prize for Drama by The Treasured Son(2010).
He first participated in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in 2012 and has presented his installation and theater at abandoned elementary and junior high school since then. He challenges to portray a world beyond boundaries which he receives widespread reputation.




Waseda Shogekijo Drama-kan Theater
(Shinjuku City, Tokyo)