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Butsubutsu Exchange (Miraikan Taimei)

Exchanging items along with their stories

  • Art Project

Public facilities rooted in the community x ONOKORO volunteers
We will be holding a project investigating the shape of Art Station at public facilities rooted in districts within the Toshima-ku together with ONOKORO volunteers involved with Toshima Art Station Koso. Using Junior and Senior High School Student Center Jump Nagasaki, Kumin Hiroba Konan No. 1, and Miraikan Taimei as fields for their research, participants will propose and implement the plans they come up with.

This time we will be holding a “Butsubutsu Exchange,” which is the plan that was selected to be implemented out of all the plans that were presented. A Butsubutsu Exchange is a gathering in which participants exchange items with the people they meet, listening to each other’s stories.

We will be exchanging stationery goods at Miraikan Taimei. The stationery articles people bring in will probably indicate something about the personality of the person who chose them, hint at the generation they came from, or have memories associated with them. Please join us as we talk about these items in a relaxed environment and make new discoveries.

What to bring:

1 stationery item
*Your go-to item you’ve used for years, something that excites you every time you use it, something that was all the rage back in elementary school, something you just can’t get yourself to throw away, or any stationery item you can use to talk about its merits, your attachment to it, or the memories it represents.

*If you’re attached to your stationery item, you can just show it without giving it away. If you choose to keep it, please bring a different stationery item as well that can be exchanged.


Free (No reservation required)


Miraikan Taimei Book Cafe



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Onocoro
Cooperated by
Miraikan Taimei Book Cafe