Toshima Art Station Koso: Seeking ONOKORO volunteer applicants

  • Art Project ,
  • Lecture / Symposium

In a bid to encourage a variety of people including Toshima City residents to develop art hubs by themselves, Toshima Art Station Koso is creating a model “art station” in Toshima City

ONOKORO volunteers are people who discover their own mode of “art station” through involvement with Toshima Art Station Koso, and go on to initiate voluntary activities. Self-starter types who go for what they want and “roll with it” by nature: these are ONOKORO volunteers.

Having said that, it’s not easy to take the first step alone. So why not start by signing up and experiencing firsthand the process of giving concrete form to things you want to do? For this year, applicants are wanted to help implement the project from a three-pronged approach. Whether you want to know about behind the scenes works of art projects, are interested in getting involved locally, or would like to create a meeting point for a variety of people, etc., you can start from the area that interests you.

Qualifications or art project experience is unnecessary. Open to any age or gender.
Please feel free to apply.

1. Supporting the work of artists
Requirements: People interested in the behind-the-scenes of artists’ work and art projects, and wanting to get involved.
Details: Experience firsthand the flow of an art project, i.e. the creation of environments that allow artists to implement projects, public relations, event preparation and management on the day, record-keeping, etc.

2. Thinking up and trying out projects by yourselves
Requirements: People who want to leverage what they like and what they’re good at from the point of view of local resources and issues. People who want to do something but realize they cannot start alone, and people who want to support these people.
Details: Experience firsthand being involved with local people and places to put plans together with team members i.e. researching local places, planning, preparation, implementation, reviewing, etc.

3. Operating a meeting point for a variety of people
Requirements: People interested in gatherings of various people, and in creating a place for people to go. People who enjoy and value the daily minutiae.
Details: Experience firsthand creating a forum for people to meet and for activities to develop i.e. Toshima Art Station Z management, interaction with visitors, assistance with activities, record-keeping of activities and broadcast of information via social media platforms, etc.

Applicable to all of the above (1-3): Also included is a course on Toshima Art Station Koso and art projects, workshops (2-3 times during summer), and monthly social gatherings for artists, staff and ONOKORO volunteers.



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Onocoro