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Toshima Art Station Koso

This program aims to set up Art Stations – small bases for creating art – in local communities, to facilitate efforts by a diverse range of people to undertake independent artistic activities that make use of local resources. Toshima Art Station Z in Zoshigaya is at the heart of this initiative, serving as the venue for planning artistic activities and interacting through them, as well as offering artist-led programs. In addition, work is underway to explore Toshima Art Station X.

Toshima Art Station X

Toshima Art Station X is an art station similar to a mathematical function. It is not the name of a particular place. Assigning different numbers to a function X results in different answers; and in the same way, we assign various places to X and create a variety of art stations.

Toshima Art Station Z

Toshima Art Station Z is a place where people can think in hazy ways, try out their ideas, and make mistakes. These experiences may eventually become the preparation for starting something, creating 1 from 0, and making 1 + 1 bigger than 2.


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