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Romeo and Juliet

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In the year marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Takahiro Fujita takes on “Romeo and Juliet”

Takahiro Fujita attracted further attention in 2014 with his Playhouse performance “Memory of the Little Finger”, and in 2015 he cemented his title as the leading young director of Japanese theater’s next generation with “cocoon” and “Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets”. In 2016, four hundred years after Shakespeare’s death, Fujita is taking on a classic for the first time, reviving this well-known theatrical masterpiece for the present day with a completely new and original approach.
Along with regular performers in Fujita’s work like Izumi Aoyagi, Yuriko Kawasaki and Satoko Yoshida, twelve actresses selected by audition will make this version a virtually all-female one. The hotly-anticipated production also notably features costumes designed by Yoko Omori, the famous stylist from quintessential 1980s magazine, the legendary “Olive”.


Saturday, December 10, 18:00
Sunday, December 11, 18:00
Monday, December 12, No performance
Tuesday, December 13, 19:00
Wednesday, December 14, 19:00
Thursday, December 15, 19:00
Friday, December 16, 19:00
Saturday, December 17, 13:00
Sunday, December 18, 13:00 *
Monday, December 19, No performance
Tuesday, December 20, 19:00
Wednesday, December 21, 14:00

*There will be a pre-performance briefing for the vision-impaired, and portable subtitle players will be available for the hearing-impaired (advance reservation required).

Scriptwriters / directors

Written by: William Shakespeare
Translated by: Kazuko Matsuoka 
Screenplay and Directed by: Takahiro Fujita


Izumi Aoyagi
Michiko Ishikawa
Ritsuko Uchibori
Yuriko Kawasaki
Meimei Kikuchi
Maki Koizumi
Aika Goto
Hiyo Nishihara
Minami Terada
Ellie Toyota
En Nakagami
Natsuko Nakamura
Miku Nakamura
Sae Niwa
Satoko Yoshida

Ryosuke Ishii
Shintaro Onojima
Hirotaka Nakashima
Satoshi Hasatani
Kenta Funatsu

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto


【Tickets on sale from Saturday, October 15】
S seats: 5,500 yen
A seats: 4,500 yen
65 and Over* (S seat) : 5,000 yen
25 and Under* (A seat): 3,500 yen
High school student*: 1,000 yen

*Preschool children not accepted.
*High school student, 25 and Under and 65 and Over tickets are only sold at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office.

・Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
TEL: 0570-010-296 (10:00-19:00)

・Lawson Ticket(L-Code: 32717)
TEL: 0570-084-003 (Sound Automatic Correspondence), 0570-000-407 (Operator 10:00-20:00)

・Ticket Pia (P-code:453-771)
TEL: 0570-02-9999 (Sound Automatic Correspondence)


TEL: 0120-240-540 *Toll free(10:00-18:00, Sound Automatic Correspondence)


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
TEL: 0570-010-296


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Playhouse



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)