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Learning Lab #05

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Artist collective Olta has continuously implemented the ongoing work “Stand Play,” which examines the relationship between the city and the body by documenting laughter-inducing events and situations in everyday city life.
The key concept underlying this work is the study of modern social phenomena or “modernology,” put forward and practiced by architect and folklorist Wajiro Kon in the 1920s. Among his records are many items documenting life in the Sumida City district in writing and sketches. So how did the members of Olta, who stayed in Sumida on a month-long artist residency from November 20, 2019, view and capture the neighborhoods of Sumida? Based on research records, this lecture hopes to bring the experiences of Olta to life through the collective’s observations of the contemporary community and history of the Sumida-ku area, a hundred or so years after Wajiro Kon walked these streets.

#05 OLTA “Examination” of Sumida neighborhoods

Guest: Olta (artist collective)


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