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Learning Lab #04

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Learning forum for thinking together of ways to enrich everyday life

Learning Lab is a lecture program being implemented as part of the project
“Fantasia! Fantasia!: A community where lifestyles are made real,”a project which imagines the city as a “learning forum” by aiming for a cycle in which changes in the cultural ecosystems of communities enrich the lives of each.
Guests from a variety of fields such as art, education and urban planning will examine our lifestyles from a different angle than usual, with learning in the community as our focus. By allowing time for group discussion after each lecture, we want to delve into our theme in a leisurely manner, bringing in the experiences of each participant.

#04 Tsuchi Kano “Who goes home to that place?”

Tsuchi Kano has made a documentary about the commune-like environment he was brought up in, which he calls the“sinking family.” In the film, the“sinking family” emerges as a haven to which everyone can return feeling safe and secure regardless of blood relations.
Learning Lab, which has in the past given consideration to how we can coexist with others including our families, welcomes as our guest filmmaker Tsuchi Kano, who has experience of being brought up communally. Together with Kano we will examine family as being a place to which anyone can go back to feeling safe and secure, as well as the direction “family” is taking.

Guest: Tsuchi Kano (film director)
Floor guest: Yuri Iwamoto (Sumida Nagaya guest house owner)


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