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“null – free places and arty ideas” concept visuals exhibition

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“null – free places and arty ideas“ is a project to create an autonomous cultural and artistic community where different values intermingle. It is held at a different location in Fuchu for each event.
Null events have been held seven times since 2019, giving participants the opportunity to discover common ground with/aspects of each other they didn’t know before by bringing something related to different themes, and talking about what they think, and what they’re interested in.
This time around, project organizers are holding an exhibition of null concept visuals that have been created by different artists for each event. These concept visuals comprise two-dimensional works created for the null project by ACF artists working in a variety of fields. These works have become an important tool for ornamenting null event spaces and promoting interaction and exchange.

The works will be exhibited at the new ACF space “Yado (kari).” For a limited time, this location in the Daitokyo Sogo Oroshiuri Center – Fuchu Wholesale Market will operate as a space for the exhibition of artworks, art workshops, art-related exchange, and to introduce the activities of ACF. This is an opportunity to see the null project concept visuals from various locations, as well as take in the ACF network.

We outline the “null” art community in an exhibition of all works from the past seven events.
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Exhibiting artists/names of works

null vol.1 Rena Karasuda “Music”
null vol.2 Kaori Miyayama “PRINT”
null vol.3 Yuki Ogawa “Something slightly noxious yet fascinating”
null vol.4 Hiromitsu Miwa “Holes”
null vol.5 Mie Saigo “New Year”
null vol.6 Hideo Takashima “Something you love to the point of obsession”
null vol.7 Toshiro Baba “Things associated with omens”




NPO Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF)


Aisle 4 “Yado (kari),” Daitokyo Sogo Oroshiuri Center – Fuchu Wholesale Market
(4-1 Yazakicho, Fuchu City, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), NPO Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF)