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Lifelong Learning Festival
“Raccolta – Creative Material Lab” Workshop

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In the Raccolta program, local businesses provide us with unwanted parts and fittings, and we create a framework for making new use of them as creative materials for artistic expression.
At this year’s Lifelong Learning Festival, our “Raccolta – Creative Material Lab” initiative will create opportunities for children and adults to come into contact with these materials and engage in the creation of artworks. It is a workshop in which, puzzle-like, you can put together two-dimensional waste materials such as cardboard packing materials, synthetic leather for school backpacks, and offcuts of cloth, turning them into three-dimensional forms of your own. Please join us.
As a citizens’proposal-led collaborative project initiative, we are collaborating with the city’s cultural lifelong learning division.

Target participants

Elementary school children and older

Admission fee


About participation

Due to measures for preventing the spread of coronavirus, the number of people entering the workshop venue is limited to 10 people. After coordinating attendance, we will let you know as soon as places become available (workshop sessions last approximately 30 minutes).

Reception: Reception opens on the day from 13:00, participants are free to enter and exit the venue at any time
What to bring: It is not a necessity but please bring a bag if you plan to bring your work home with you
Instructor: To be assisted by Artist Collective Fuchu staff members.

*Pandemic response: We will implement the wearing of masks, hand sanitizing, comprehensive cough etiquette, temperature measurement at each event, and regular sanitizing of event space and tools used.
*The event is subject to change depending on the coronavirus situation.


Artist Collective Fuchu(NPO)


Training rooms 3-1, 3F Fuchu Lifelong Learning Center
(1-7 Sengencho, Fuchu City, Tokyo 〒183-0001)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artist Collective Fuchu(NPO)
Materials provided by
TOKIO Lab Co., Ltd, KYOWA Co., Ltd., HIGUCHI KABAN FACTORY Co., Ltd., F.F.P Co., Ltd.