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8th Fuchu Shimin Kyodo Matsuri (Fuchu Civic Cooperation Festival)
“Raccolta – Creative Material Lab” Show Booth

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In the Raccolta program, local businesses provide us with unwanted parts and fittings, and we create a framework for making new use of them as creative materials for artistic expression.
For our next project, we will have a booth at the 8th Fuchu Shimin Kyodo Matsuri (Fuchu Civic Cooperation Festival). Panels and publications will introduce the Raccolta project framework and examples of our activities, and materials provided by businesses will be on show. On the day of the event, we will also hold a desktop mini workshop in which you can enjoy actually handling materials and creating works with them. Please drop by!
*As a project forming part of Fuchu City’s citizens’ proposal-led collaborative project initiative, we are collaborating with the City Hall’s Cultural Lifelong Learning Division.

*Please check the following website for details of the event “8th Fuchu Shimin Kyodo Matsuri (Fuchu Civic Cooperation Festival) and operations on the day.

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Artist Collective Fuchu(NPO)


Fuchu-shi shimin katsudo platz, Meeting Room 1, 6F
(6F, LE SIGNE, 1-100 Miyamachi, Fuchu City, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artist Collective Fuchu(NPO)