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The Sumi-log project is an attempt to create an archive of local cultural activity focusing on the diverse cultural activity that has taken place in Sumida-ku.
We will not only gather memories of well-documented and well-known events you can still find in records, archive images/video, newspapers and Internet articles, but also gather memories of little-known events like nameless exhibitions, workshops, performances and parties which took place in the area. Shifting attention to the existence of the memories and experiences of individuals who have continued to support local culture may provide an opportunity to reconsider our own activities through realization of the existence of things that, though modest, have most certainly given rise to local culture, and which cannot be learned about from mere data. Why not join us in thinking about what we can learn from community archives, and how we can preserve and communicate activities going forward.

In FY2022, the second year of the project, we open the project base every month, creating a relaxed environment for thinking about, working on and discussing archives. Someone might be sorting material; someone might bring in some leaflets that were lying around at home; someone might be talking about what an archive is or learning about databases. What you do and what you can do will be determined by the people who assemble at the base. If you are interested in archives, please feel free to drop by, in the same spirit you would drop by the local park.

Details (examples)

Work related to archives
Each session, we collect and organize archive material, digitize it (scan it, etc.), and organize the database.

Activities for thinking about archives
Each session we hold discussions on archive-related topics and simple workshops providing the opportunity to think about archives.
(Example: Archive potluck party
*A “show and tell” type presentation in which each participant brings something they consider to be related to the “archive” concept, in a communication activity that also functions as a self-introduction.)

In addition, we plan to put into practice some of the activity ideas generated by participants.
(Example: one participant wanted to do a guest talk session with an archive researcher, another wanted to visit a library to research things, another suggested a course on database programming, etc.)

*We will announce the details of each session on the Fantasia! Fantasia! Facebook event page.
*Depending on the situation concerning the spread of coronavirus, we will consider holding sessions online. Please check the official website for details of monthly events.
*This event will be run with measures in place to prevent the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).
*When participating, please cooperate by wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and taking your temperature.

Participation fee

Free(Reservation is not required.)

*During the event participants may come and go as they please.
*If you need to bring anything for an activity, we will let you know on the Fantasia! Fantasia! Facebook page.
*If it is difficult for participants to maintain distance between each other, please note we may limit the number of people who enter the studio.


Fantasia! Fantasia! Office

*Program details are subject to change.


Gate Studio (5-23-3 Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Gate (General Incorporated Association)