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Fantasia! Fantasia!: A community where lifestyles are made real

The Bokuto area (the northeastern part of Tokyo’s Sumida City), where many artists still live as a result of a resident-led art project in the 2000s, provides the setting for this project, an attempt to create a learning forum to foster the creativity required for living a spiritually enriched life through encounters between local people, artists and researchers. Through insights gleaned from dialogue with others, participants will continue to broaden their imagination, and prepare small experiments to deconstruct their own conventional wisdom and sense of what is “ordinary.”


Sumida City


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Gate (General Incorporated Association)

Events Information

Hub formation program

In its capacity as a place fostering cultural projects in the community, the Bokuto area activity hub Gate Studio hosts Open Studio events so that as many people as possible can enjoy its activities. Through learning programs based on dialog and creation and archives of cultural projects that have been held in Sumida-ku, we aim to make Gate Studio a place of interaction and exchange for people from the local area and beyond.

Period: May, 2023 – March, 2024
Venue: Gate Studio

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