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Karoku Reading Club Part 2
Reading and talking about “Shinsai kinen bunshu” and “Taifu-ki”

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If we get together and read records, it might be more interesting.

Karoku Reading Club is a forum for dialogue in which participants focus on records of past disasters and related creative expression (films, paintings, plays, memoirs, novels, etc.), and discuss their various thoughts and feelings.
Depending on participants’ neighborhoods or towns and their lives there, what they are able to read into and imagine from a single record is bound to differ.
Through the connection of separate locations and the exchange of leisurely dialog, participants will discover their mutual differences and similarities.

By means of conversational exchange via a single record, participants may be able to develop what they can read into records and enhance their perspectives on daily life. They may also unexpectedly make friends with people from faraway places.
Please join us in this simple platform for interaction, in which we bring along records of a town or neighborhood and exchange words.

For this event, Nagoya and Tokyo will be linked online and participants will read and discuss in philosophy café-style the collection “Taifu-ki” about the Isewan Typhoon, which caused extensive damage to Aichi and Mie Prefectures in 1959, and “Shinsai kinen bunshu,” a collection of writing commemorating the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.
Elementary school students who witnessed them chronicled these disasters, which occurred in different regions and eras. What did they see, and what did they want to leave behind? What words did they use in their depiction?
Please join us in this simple platform for interaction, in which we bring along records of a town or neighborhood and exchange words.

*This event will be run with measures in place to prevent the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).
*Please note event details are subject to change.


We select and read several pieces of writing from “Shinsai kinen bunshu,” compiled one year after the Great Kanto Earthquake that occurred on September 1, 1923, and written by
Jinjo Elementary School first to sixth graders of the time; and “Taifu-ki” about the Isewan Typhoon of September 26, 1959, written by then first to sixth grade elementary school students.

Natsumi Seo (artist/NOOK) and Daichi Nakamura (writer and director/leader of Yaneura Heights/NOOK)

Guest facilitator
Taro Aoyama (film and visual media scholar, designer) *Online participation

Relay point
ON READING(2F Kameda Bldg., 5-19 Higashiyamatōri, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture)
*The Nagoya location ON READING is seeking participants for the Nagoya dialog session. Please see ON READING website for details.


approx. 15 per day
*Advance application on a first-come, first-served basis. Closes as soon as capacity is reached.

Participation fee


How to apply

Please fill out the form in the following link.

Application deadline
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

*The application process may be closed before this date, depending on the number of applications received.
*Your personal information will be strictly managed, and used only for the purpose of pursuing this project and for contacting you.


NOOK (General Incorporated Association)


studio 04(106, 1F Bldg. No. 1, Ojima Yon-chome Danchi, 4-1 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Relay point: ON READING


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