Seeking project members for the creation of “A Certain Window”

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Walk around the Ojima area of Koto-ku, listen to people’s stories, put them down in writing, and create an exhibition
Seeking project members to help us create “A Certain Window”

What could you see from the window?
What was your life like in the room with the window?
What do you remember when you look at the window?

The window is a device that connects living space with the outside environment. If you try asking people you meet while walking around the neighborhood “Please tell me about a window that is important to you,” it may spark an unexpected conversation.
The irreplaceable life histories related by each person are sure to contain a vision of the neighborhood with its accumulated past.

We are looking for project members to join us in walking around the neighborhood and conducting interviews, recording them in writing and then creating an exhibition.

What is “A Certain Window”?

Seven years after the earthquake disaster, we traveled around the coastal areas of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima listening to stories about windows in each area. In 2018 in Sendai City, we held an exhibition “A Certain Window,”featuring a booklet of the interviews plus photographs.
Now we want to collect stories of “A Certain Window” in the Ojima area of Koto-ku, which is home to NOOK’s new base.
At first glance, the Tokyo landscape doesn’t give a strong sense of the layers of time, but over the past hundred years, the city has been through the Great Kanto Earthquake, postwar recovery, and repeated development. Stories of individuals may reveal times gone by lying deep behind the current cityscape, and a landscape of distant places from individual memory.

The vistas that were/are seen from each window are all different.
Yet if we look through those windows again through someone else’s story, through their memories and perspectives, we may find a landscape that you or I once saw, or wanted to see someday.

Why not try writing the story of “A Certain Window”as the intersection of then and now, of that place and this place, where our own stories overlap?

We are looking for the following sort of people

– People who like engaging with others and listening to their stories
– People who would like to write verbatim accounts
– People who would like to try their hand at setting up an exhibition
– People who are able to communicate with ease via email or social media platforms
– People who can type using a PC etc.


Late July, 2023: Meetup, guidance
August: Research, interviewing
September: Writing, manuscript checking, preparation for the exhibition, etc.
October: Exhibition at Studio 04

*Program details are subject to change.
*Schedule details to be decided in discussion with members.

Project leader

Natsumi Seo (artist, founder of NOOK)


Arround 5
*Participants will be decided by selection in the case of over-subscription

Participation fee

It is free to take part in the project.
*Participants are responsible for expenses related to project activities including transportation and lunch.

Project locations and Areas of activity

【Project locations】
Studio 04
【Areas of activity】
Studio 04 and Nearby areas

How to reserve

Please apply using the form here.
*Personal information will be handled as strictly confidential and used only for the operation of this event and to send you information from the organizer.

Application deadline
Friday, June 30, 2023


General Incorporated Association NOOK


Studio 04 and Nearby areas


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), General Incorporated Association NOOK