Capacity building program for leaders in arts and culture
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Capacity building program for leaders in arts and culture
Polishing a path for sustainable activities in arts and culture

The “Capacity Building Course for Leaders in Arts and Culture” is run as part of Arts Council Tokyo’s Tokyo Arts and Culture Consultation and Support Center (provisional title).
For 2023, in addition to interactive seminars, the course will offer three open lectures online.
Since 2018 we have offered a variety of programs to help develop the multi-faceted thinking abilities and skills essential to putting participants on the path to solving problems faced in their creative environment, to creating new value, as well as to achieving their goals.
We will be offering open lectures for everyone in arts and culture with a wide variety of careers and activity types.
Targeting not only people aiming to step up their activities but also those who are involved in arts and culture in a variety of ways and those who will fully engage in the sector going forward, these programs will offer pointers and knowledge for participants to advance their own activities.

Open lectures will interest:
– People considering taking an Interactive Seminar from next year onwards
– People who have previously taken a Capacity Building course
– People who want to acquire new learning or relearn with regard to their careers or activities
– People who want to take an online course for work life balance purposes
We look forward to your participation.

Program contents

The following lectures will be conducted online with guest lecturers for each session and facilitators/advisors for the course as a whole, Tomonori Ogawa and Tomoko Wakabayashi.
Real-time lectures will feature Q&A sessions in which we will take questions and comments from participants.

*This is an online course using Zoom Webinars
*Accessibility: Japanese sign language interpreting, UD Talk speech-to-text support.
*An archived video link will be sent to participants for review purposes at a later date.
*Includes breaks.

■ Developing an evaluation axis for conveying the significance of activities: Learning the mindset and methodology of evaluation with the use of logic models
Date/Time: Thursday, October 12, 2023, 18:30 – 21:00
Lecturer: Yuriko Minamoto
– Thinking about evaluation for extracting “social value”
– Finding ways to strengthen your organization/activities by having an evaluation axis

■ Dialogue with practitioners: Art and expression emerged in a community. Learning from these experiments/practices
Date/Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 18:30 – 21:00
Lecturer: Nozomu Ogawa
– Perspectives and understanding based on past activities and practices: As seen from examples in Tokyo/other parts of Asia/Europe
– Relaying the value of culture and art
– Learning examples and ideas applicable to individual activities

■ Arts and culture and society: An overview of the value and position of arts and culture in society
Date/Time: Wednesday, January 10, 2024, 18:30 – 21:00
Lecture: Masanori Aoyagi
– Why is creative activity necessary for society?
– Taking an overview of the environment surrounding creative activities and objectively reassessing the value of activities
– Taking an overview of social values based on the intrinsic value of arts and culture

Faciliteter and adviser, Lectures

【Faciliteter and adviser】

Tomonori Ogawa

 Photo by Yuri Yasuda ©Ko Na design
Tomoko Wakabayashi


Yuriko Minamoto

Nozomu Ogawa

 Photo by Itaru Hirama
Masanori Aoyagi

Tokyo Support Center for the Arts and Culture ARTNOTO

In October 2023, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) will conduct a full-scale launch of Tokyo Arts and Culture Consultation and Support Center (provisional title), which supports and empowers artists and cultural practitioners in their sustainable activities and from their onward. Collaborating with external specialists such as lawyers and licensed tax accountants, the center will provide comprehensive support to artists and practitioners in the field of arts and culture through three functions: (1) offering a consultation service (2) providing useful information and (3) offering learning initiatives.
*Lectures will be run by Tokyo Support Center for the Arts and Culture ARTNOTO.


【Program contents/ interactive seminar application】
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【Application briefing and Open lectures application】

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