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Art Project 789 6th Edition, Guest: Hiroyuki Hattori

Taking up issues affecting art projects and looking at them one by one and attempting to find some resolution

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Share and Resolve: Issues Affecting Art Projects

“Art Project 789” is a series of talks hosted by Nozomu Ogawa, Chief Director of TERATOTERA, which sponsors various art events along Tokyo’s Chuo Line railway between Koenji and Kokubunji, featuring guests involved with art projects in different fields. This forum takes up issues affecting art projects around the country, looking at them one by one and attempting to find some resolution.

The special guest for the 6th Edition of Art Project 789 is Hiroyuki Hattori, the curator of the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre at Aomori Public University and director of the Midori Art Center (MAC). In addition to running his own art space, Hattori also leads the way in organizing a wide variety of art festivals—giving him deep insight into the challenges of taking on art projects from a curator’s perspective.


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