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Art Project 789 9th Edition

Taking up issues affecting art projects and looking at them one by one and attempting to find some resolution

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“Art Project 789” is a series of talks hosted by Nozomu Ogawa, Chief Director of TERATOTERA, which sponsors various art events along Tokyo’s Chuo Line railway between Koenji and Kokubunji, featuring guests involved with art projects in different fields. This forum takes up issues affecting art projects around the country, looking at them one by one and attempting to find some resolution.

Art Project 789 9th Edition is a continuation of a project that ran for three years from 2010: Art Project 0123’s lecture course in basic knowledge, and its more advanced version Art Project 456 held in 2013, in which course participants learnt about the actual workplace by putting everything from planning to operation into practice. Five sessions are planned this year.

For this 9th Edition, independent curator Mizuki Endo who has curated many exhibitions at home and abroad and conducted start-ups and operations of art spaces, and artist Masaya Chiba are invited to Ryokan Seiko in Ogikubo. This time, the problematic question is “what constitutes the concepts surrounding curation,” from Endo and “pushing myself to the limits physically due to being super worried, imagining what will happen if the work does not get finished” from Chiba. Endo and Chiba, who took part in the Kunisaki Art Project as curator and artist, share their concerns from their respective viewpoints.

*This program will be conducted in Japanese.


Mizuki Endo (independent curator)
Masaya Chiba (artist)

Nozomu Ogawa (Chief Director of TERATOTERA / Director of Art Center Ongoing)


*Reservation required


500 yen

How to reserve

Send an E-mail with the subject line “TERATOTERA 789 第9回予約” to, including the number of participants, your name, and your e-mail address, your phone number. When reservation is accepted, you will receive the confirmation E-mail.

*Your personal information will be handled as strictly confidential, and used only to send you information from the organizer about this event.


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