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– The High School Street Dance Competition –

The SSDW CONTEST (the high school students streetdance competition) is a street dance contest that pits high school teams against one another in a battle of creativity and collaborative skills. The program also features guest performances by partner organizations and professional dancers.

*Program details are subject to change.

How to participate

Eligibility rules
【Entry requirements】
Teams applying for entry must meet all the following conditions.
(1) The team members must all be enrolled in high school (grade 1 through 3) as of the application date.
(2) The team must comprise members of a school-certified dance club or a club considered to be a dance club (such as school-certified clubs that include dance in their activities).
(3) Multiple teams from the same dance club at the same school may not apply for entry.

【Team size】
5 to 10 members

Stage size: 17 m (W) x 15 m (D)
Performance time: 2 min.–2 min., 30 sec. (* Teams that exceed the prescribed performance time will be disqualified) 
Props: Teams may use any props that they can set up and remove by themselves within the allotted time (30 seconds before and after their performance; teams that exceed the prescribed time will be disqualified).

The first 40 teams to apply for entry

Application period
Friday, September 18-Saturday, October 31Friday, November 31(Application deadline extended)
* Applications will be closed as soon as 40 teams have applied for entry.

Participation fee

How to apply
Please apply by the entry form from the official website(in Japanese)

Application Requirments(PDF, in Japanese)
Entry Sheet(PDF, in Japanese)


Shibuya StreetDance Week Office (operated by MOVEMENT.INC)
TEL:03-5312-9823(10:00-19:00 except Sat., Sun., and Holidays)


Around Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage


Organized by
The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), PARCO CO., LTD
Supported & Cooperated by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Supported by
NPO - Tokyo Gakugei University Children Institute for the Future
Sponsored by
Glowing together, Co., Ltd. (Re:Fine Shibuya)