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– Showcasing the ways that street dance can benefit the community –

In an effort to highlight the social impact of street dance, this program profiles groups that make street dance part of their educational and social-service activities, provides participants with opportunities to engage with group members, offers flyers on group initiatives, and gives people chances to ask questions about what group members do.

*Program details are subject to change.

Participating organizations

The Social Workers Welfare Organization, School Teachers’ Association Circle Cross, Kanto University Student Dance Federation Σ (Sigma), LOVE JUNKS Organization for Kids with Down’s syndrome, and more




Shibuya StreetDance Week Office (operated by MOVEMENT.INC)
TEL:03-5312-9823(10:00-19:00 except Sat., Sun., and Holidays)


Yoyogi Park Event field


Organized by
The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), PARCO CO., LTD
Supported & Cooperated by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Supported by
NPO - Tokyo Gakugei University Children Institute for the Future
Sponsored by
Glowing together, Co., Ltd. (Re:Fine Shibuya)