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Shibuya StreetDance Week 2015

Based in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, this event will highlight street dance culture with a focus on Japan.
This festival will express the intrinsic values of street dance in a variety of forms in Shibuya, a district that is always ahead of the curve in creating global trends.


Yoyogi Park(Outdoor Stage, Keyaki Plaza and Event field), HARLEM, Sakura Hall, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada

Events Information

Watch Program

In this program, world-class dancers come together to showcase the artistry of professional street dance.

Experience Program

This program gives people of all ages—kids and seniors alike—a chance to experience street dance in a public space: YoyogiPark. From young people with interests in dance to people who have never even given dancing a try, participants encounter street dance from a wide array of dynamic angles.

Communication Program

Focusing on helping people understand the history, background, and practice of street dance, this program aims to open up discussion on the exciting potential of the art form. Guest panelists from diverse backgrounds also give their own unique takes on what makes street dance special.

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