Arts Council Tokyo FY2017 Program Line-Up Announced

As well as enhancing grant programs, Arts Council Tokyo will run the Tokyo Cultural Program*1 in the lead-up to 2020, seeking to ensure that everyone can take part in and enjoy events that utilize not only cultural facilities, but also the capital’s distinctive urban districts and each community’s cultural resources, such as parks and landmarks. In addition, we will implement multifaceted projects, including those focused on cultivating the personnel whose role is to link art with society and communities confronting social issues from an artistic perspective.

Full press release is available here.
Arts Council Tokyo FY2017 Program Line-Up Announced
Arts Council Tokyo FY2017 Program List

*1 Tokyo Cultural Program: A four-year project from autumn 2016 implemented by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, and Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in the run-up to 2020.

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