TURN Project Outline for FY2017 Announced

TURN is an art program that brings people of different backgrounds and customs together, generating a variety of uniquely individual encounters and artistic expressions. The aim is a project in which the general public – including people who need welfare-related support – can participate, incorporating a blend of figurative and physical forms of expression and dialogue on the subject of diversity.

In FY2017 we will hold Interactive Programs, in which artists visit different locations catering to specific communities such as welfare facilities and educational support centers, and interact with the people who use them, staff and families. TURN Fes will see Interactive Programs from all over Japan gather together under one roof. In addition, new initiative TURN LAND will be rolled out in various locations, and TURN Meetings will incorporate project information sharing as well as study groups.

Full press release (PDF) is available here.
TURN Project outline for FY2017

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