Traditional Culture Experience Programs for Foreign Visitors Reaches 110,000 Participants in Total

Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) will hold the “Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL” as part of its efforts to increase interest in Tokyo leading up toward 2020.
One of the programs, held under the theme, “Approaching Tokyo Tradition,” provides foreign visitors and children with the chance to easily experience and enjoy traditional Japanese culture and entertainment.
Over 1000 programs have been held through Traditional Culture Experience Programs for foreign visitors, and nearly 110,000(*) participants have taken part since the program began in 2015. The programs held in Asakusa and the Edo- Tokyo Museum have been especially popular, and are held throughout the year.
Hanayagi Kiyohito, who teaches traditional Japanese dance in Asakusa as part of the Japanese Classical Dance Association’s Tokyo Office Joto Block, said “I hope that people, especially those who are experiencing Japanese dance (Nihon buyo) for the first time, are able to experience the real thing first. I also hope that they are impressed and share their experience with family and friends.” One excited first-time participant noted, “I have seen Japanese dance in pictures, but it was my first time seeing it in person. I was impressed by the beautiful, detailed movements.”
Traditional Culture Experience Programs will be held on most weekends until the end of March (some exclusions apply). Please join us indoors for exciting traditional Japanese experiences during the cold winter months.
*As of September 2018

Full press release (PDF) is available here.
Nearly 110,000 attendees in total! Traditional Culture Experience Programs for Foreign Visitor

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