Arts Council Tokyo FY2021 Program Line-Up Announced

Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) plays a key role in Tokyo’s cultural policies by improving support for artistic and cultural activities and for those involved in them, implementing programs that explore Tokyo’s originality and diversity, promoting international cultural exchange and providing opportunities for promising individuals engaged in a variety of artistic and cultural pursuits.
We are pleased to announce the finalized line-up of programs for FY2021.

■ Enhancing and strengthening our grant programs
Arts Council Tokyo will enhance and strengthen support for artistic and cultural activities in Tokyo and for those involved in them through reviewing our existing grant programs, including the revision of program guidelines, as well as the establishment of new programs.
The Startup Grant will support up-and-coming artists and arts organizations taking on the challenge of new artistic activities, while the Traditional Arts Practice Grant will support programs providing opportunities for people to develop practical and ongoing experience and more in-depth understanding of traditional performing arts. These two new programs will begin accepting applications in May. These our grant programs will be grouped together under the name Tokyo Arts Fund.

■ Delivering programs that symbolize Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL
Due to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL has been extended by a year. Arts Council Tokyo will roll out a series of programs symbolizing the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL, including the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13, Tokyo Caravan, TURN, and the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant Program.
At a time when many people are feeling hemmed-in by restrictions on daily life, we would like to present new possibilities while creating opportunities to encounter arts and culture, and spread the word about Tokyo’s appeal as an international city of artistic and cultural attractions.

■ Enhancing human resources development programs
Over the years, Arts Council Tokyo has been cultivating the front-line personnel who drive artistic and cultural projects in Tokyo. In the next fiscal year, we will aim to further expand our Arts Academy program, which has been one of the pillars of the development programs and helped to nurture young people working in this field. We will establish a new practical course that focuses on not only artistic creation, but also the financial management skills required to run and sustain these activities.

Full press release (PDF) is available here.
Arts Council Tokyo FY2021 Program Line-Up Announced

Please see here for the list of our FY2021 programs.

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