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Hi-Blood Pressure Exhibition

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Six artists from Poland will take part in the Hi-Blood Pressure Exhibition. On show will be works they have created together with local residents in workshops beforehand. The aim of the exhibition is not the display of these pieces as final “artworks” resulting from the workshops, but the emergence of a collaboration between spectator and creator.

This style of exhibition directs attention to the importance of conceptual artworks as not merely “things” but “experiences” between people. The artists seem to be using all sorts of materials, raw and otherwise, but they have a coherent and consistent approach to art. Thus traditional methods of producing art are held to question, and there is no single, identifiable creator.

The purpose of this project is to generate a fresh look at everyday life in everyone from children to the elderly, through their participation in the workshops and their experience of the exhibition.
The process and outcome of the workshops will no doubt provide the opportunity for the viewer to see the world from a fresh perspective as well.




Karol Kaczorowski

Participating artists and workshops

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Martyna Ścibior (born 1985)
The artist will be exhibiting a work painted using nail polish collected in Poland and Japan. Workshop participants will create the work according to instructions by the artist. The work will also act as a record of people’s encounters and discoveries during the workshop.
Martyna creates her paintings on the themes of “the everyday” and “the female,” utilizing a wide variety of materials.
See here for details.

Mateusz Choróbski (born 1987)
The artist will be exhibiting a mosaic made together with workshop participants, who will collect material for the mosaic according to online instructions by the artist.
Mateusz undertakes a range of artistic activities from short films to complex arrangements in gallery spaces.

waxwork / workshop
Anna Orlowska (born 1986)
Children apply colored wax to photographs supplied by the artist, as an unusual filter for distorting a photograph.
In her work, Anna combines photographs with other mediums, and in doing so questions the concept of the traditional photograph.

exercise for men
Dominika Olszowy (born 1982)
This work by Dominika will be created exclusively by male participants, who will carry out the project on the basis of instructions given by the artist, whose objective is to consider gender differences.
Dominika works in many different mediums, concentrating on video art and works encompassing whole spaces. She is also expanding her activities to include theatrical and musical projects.

photography workshop
Kuba Dąbrowski(born 1980)
This artist is undertaking a photographic project based on elderly people from Poland and Japan. The artist asks elderly people in each country to take photographs on the same topic, which the artist then analyzes and exhibits. As a photographer, Kuba takes extracts from uneventful everyday life to create “first-person documentaries.”

Re-vitality. Performative workshops
Anna Jochymek (born 1988)
Referencing “A Plan for Tokyo, 1960” by Kenzo Tange, the artist looks at the connection between the shapes of art gallery windows and Tange’s ideals of urban design. She views window frames as the spatial foundation for her artistic activities.
Anna Jochymek integrates performance with site-specific interventions, sculptural gestures and experimental video works.

*Details of each workshop will be announced as they become available.
*Please note program details are subject to change.

Related events

・Saturday, July 1 from 18:00
There will be a performance by performance artist Anna Jochymek and workshop participants.
Opening reception: this event offers visitors, artists and organizers the chance to mingle and talk freely.

・Saturday, July 9
Public meeting: A public meeting will be held with workshop participants, artists and invited guests.


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