What we do

Koganei Artfull Action!

By turning the whole of Koganei into a place where local citizens can encounter art, this project aims to give them the chance to pursue new, spiritually richer ways of living. It will facilitate efforts to spur community development through arts and culture and create opportunities for the public to become involved in various programs.


Koganei City


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artfull Action (NPO), Koganei City

Events Information

Hi-Blood Pressure Exhibition

Blood pressure rises when people are absorbed in something
Six artists from Poland will take part in the Hi-Blood Pressure Exhibition. On show will be works they have created together with local residents in workshops beforehand. The aim of the exhibition is not the display of these pieces as final “artworks” resulting from the workshops, but the emergence of a collaboration between spectator and creator.

Koganei and I: Secret Expression

Under this initiative, Koganei citizens discover and develop unique “secret expressions” inspired by elements of their daily lives. This year organizers are holding a program of “recall field trip” civic tours themed around citizens’ memories.



  • 2017年度 小金井アートフル・アクション!「まちはみんなのミュージアム かがわ工房編」/ FY2017 Koganei Artfull Action!

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