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Workshop Leader Education Program seeks students and lecture attendees

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Training future leaders in cooperation with an overseas music institution that carries out cutting-edge educational programs, to disseminate the joy of music from a new perspective

Leading workshop participants is an important role that requires not only musical aptitude but diverse abilities including communication and self-expression skills. Under the guidance of workshop leaders from Casa da Música, an international pioneer in the field, participants in the Workshop Leadership Education Program create workshops in groups and present them to the public as they learn basic workshop leadership skills. The program provides practical training that cannot be acquired in the classroom alone.


Jorge Prendas (Education Program Coordinator, Casa da Música)
Other 4 workshop leaders from Casa da Música and a interpreter

Course A (Basics and Workshop Creation)

Participants learn the basic skills required of workshop leaders, and work in groups to create workshops and present them to the public.

(1) Saturday, July 21 – Sunday, July 29
Lessons in basic skills taught by Casa da Música workshop leaders
Workshop observation
(2) Monday, July 30 – Friday, November 30
Workshop creation (about twice weekly)
(3) Saturday, December 1 – Sunday, December 9
Workshops presented, modified, and opened to the public
*Casa da Música instructors will be in Japan for (1) and (3).
*Basic schedule (PDF)
*Workshop creation flow (PDF)
(4) January – March 2019 (TBC) Overseas internships
1 to 3 students from Course A, selected by instructors, will go for a week-long internship at Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal.
*Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.

Number of participants
10-15 persons

Program fees
10,000 yen (including tax)
*Participants will cover all their own transportation fees to the venue, including during the workshop creation course.

Course B (Basics Only)

Participants learn the requisite basic skills of workshop leadership in a short time.

Thursday, July 24, Wednesday, July 25, Friday, July 27, Saturday, July 28
Basic classes (lectures and practicals)
*Basic schedule (PDF)

Number of participants
5-10 persons

Program fees
10,000 yen (including tax)
*No workshop creation classes will be conducted.
*No travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Lecture attendees

It is possible to attend the Basics lectures of the Workshop Leader Education Program.

Tuesday, July 24, Wednesday, July 25, Friday, July 27, Saturday, July 28
All-day or per-day courses
*Basic schedule (PDF)

Number of participants
5 persons per course

Program fees
All-day course: 6,000 yen (including tax)
Per-day course: 2,000 yen per day (including tax)
*Excludes observation of public workshops


Entry requirements
Over 18 (as of April 1, 2018)
For artists (musicians, dancers, etc.), teaching staff, students and people interested in the work and activities of music workshop leaders.
*Participants who play musical instruments will be required to bring their own instruments

Assessment method
Application screening

Application method
Document submission
*Please send your application by postal mail or express door-to-door delivery during the application period.
*Please note any documents submitted will not be returned.

Required documents
(1) Application form (PDF/Word)
*Applicants to fill in applicable items on the application form as indicated
[Course A / Course B] Application form (PDF / Word)
[Lecture attendees] Application form (PDF / Word)
(2) Photograph: Color, 4cm x 3cm, frontal waist-up (affixed to application form)
(3) Self-addressed stamped envelope: Affix an 82 yen stamp to a 120mm × 235mm envelope and write your name and address on it.

Application period
Tuesday, May 1 – Monday, May 14
*Applications must be received by the deadline.

Announcement of results
All applicants will be notified of the results by self-addressed stamped envelope by Friday, June 15.
*In the case of over-subscription, first-time applicants will be given priority.
*Workshops produced as part of this program are scheduled to be implemented as Tokyo Bunka Kaikan original workshops.

*Insufficient or incomplete documentation may result in your application being rejected.
*Your personal information will be handled as strictly confidential according to the privacy policy of Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, and used only to send you information from the organizer about this event and to contact you.
*Please note program contents may be subject to change.

Address for application documents / Contact

Workshop Workshop! Team, Project Planning Section,
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
5-45 Ueno-Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8716
TEL:03-3828-2111 (Weekdays, 10:00 – 17:00)


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Hoku Topia, Kita-ku Takinogawa Kaikan, Chofu City Cultural Hall Tazukuri and others



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan / Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Co-organized by
Kita-ku Culture Foundation, Foundation for the Promotion of Chofu City's Culture and Community
Cooperated by
Ueno Gakuen University
Supported by
Embassy of Portugal in Japan, Taito City Board of Education