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The Collectors of Things You Can't Bring Yourself to Throw Out Brigade

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Everyone has things they’d like to throw out but can’t bring themselves to. Put them, and your stories about them, into a work by Hiroshi Fuji.

TERATOTERA and the Musashino Clean Center, set to reopen in 2017, welcome artist Hiroshi Fuji in a new project to reconsider garbage, “The Collectors of Things You Can’t Bring Yourself to Throw Out Brigade.”

The things people can’t bring themselves to throw out, and their stories about them, will be the subject of an exhibition December 7th at the Musashino Clean Center.

Submit your stories, and the stories of family and friends, of the things you maybe should throw out, but can’t.

Director: Hiroshi Fuji

Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Ongoing (General Incorporated Association)


Musashino Clean Center