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Anywhere You Go Hides Something Precious (Talk)

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A last flowering for the Kichijoji Baus Theater, which closed in 2014 after 30 years in operation, saw artist Yusuke Asai, whose activities have taken him all over Japan, painting for nine days on the inner and outer walls of the building. Drawing inspiration from the ambience of the theater, a local institution that had brought us fine motion pictures for so many years, Asai’s paintings were powerful creations with a deeply emotional message to the theater’s patrons.

At this event Hako Hosokawa, who photographed Asai through the entire wall-painting project, interviews three guests about their recollections of “THE LAST BAUS×TERATOTERA.” They include, along with Asai, Hiroyuki Mukawa, who worked at the theater for more than ten years, supporting such events as the “Bakuon Film Festival” and “The Last Baus,” and Nozumu Ogawa, Chief Director of TERATOTERA, who assisted with a number of projects there. These three, from their different standpoints as creators of artistic and cultural events, discuss the significance of “THE LAST BAUS×TERATOTERA,” looking back on the Baus Theater and that project, which wrote the final page of its history.

■Admission: Free (Advance reservation required.)
■Capacity: 30


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