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Train Stopover Journeys @Higashi-koganei  − Music and Art under the Tracks −

  • Japanese Traditional Art ,
  • Music ,
  • Visual Art / Media Art ,
  • Art Project ,
  • Exhibition / Screening ,
  • Performance ,
  • Workshop

TERATOTERA, which sponsors art projects along Tokyo’s Chuo Line, presents a two-day music and art festival under the elevated train tracks.
The first day will see a magical performance for all ages on the traditional Indonesian gamelan, while under the tracks on Day 2 you will hear hurdy-gurdy and “khoomei” throat singing.
This suburban festival is the perfect opportunity for a laid-back autumn encounter with art.
Along with a display of works by spirited young artists, Akiko Muto will also present a workshop, “Dealer in Lost Things,” in which where she will ask about changes in the townscape around the station, and participants will bring these “lost things” back to life in collages and silhouette sculptures incorporating their memories of the place.

■Admission: Free (No reservations required)

Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Ongoing (General Incorporated Association)


Community Station Higashi-koganei