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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Music Workshop (August)

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Discover a whole new world broadening with music across all ages—from infants to adults

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan’s music workshop program was born out of the desire to get more people enjoying the wonder of music in more casual and accessible ways. The aim of the initiative is to nurture generosity and richness of spirit through participatory workshops that foster self expression and communication skills, and raise awareness and interest in music and the arts.
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan’s workshops are participatory education programs open to anyone from children to adults. In them, people will develop their creativity and spirit of cooperation while they experience the joy of genre transcending music.


“Migo’s Magic”
Let’s recycle the thrown away items into a fancy music!

10:00-10:45: 19-35 months, up to 2 companions *Sold out
11:30-12:15: Ages 3-4 with 1 companion *Sold out

Venue:Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Rehearsal Room
Capacity: approx. 20 per class
Workshop leader: Oto Sakurai, Shiori Sakurai, Eriko Tsukamoto (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Workshop leaders)

“Workshop Concert—Soprano&Baritone”
Interactive concert by seeing, listening, and experiencing

13:00-14:00: 6 months- 6 years old (pre-school children) with their families and caregivers *Sold out (Tickets at the door will be available)

Puccini: “O mio babbino caro” from the opera “Gianni Schicchi” (Soprano)
Mozart: “Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja” from the opera “Die Zauberflöte” (Baritone)
Mozart: “Pa-pa-pa” Duet from the opera “Die Zauberflöte” (Duet)
and more

Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall
Capacity: approx. 600
Workshop leader: Sayuri Ihara (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Workshop leader)
Soprano: Rie Shimizu *1st prize and Audience Award of Voice section at the 7th Tokyo Music Competition
Baritone: Yosuke Takahashi *2nd prize and Audience Award of Voice section at the 9th Tokyo Music Competition
Piano: Sonomi Harada

“One Day Session”
Let’s create music with the workshop leaders!

15:00-16:00: Elementary school students-Adults

Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall
Capacity: approx. 40
Workshop leader: Emi Isono, Natsuki Sakamoto, Oto Sakurai, Eriko Tsukamoto, Karin Furuhashi (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Workshop leaders)

To Caregivers

Each workshop is prepared only for the admission ages. Small children excluding the admission aged, even if they are participants’ siblings, are not allowed to attend the workshop. Your understanding would be highly appreciated.

On participating in workshops:

  • The workshops are conducted only in Japanese.
  • Companions (Junior high school students or older) are also required to purchase tickets.
  • The check-in will start 30 minutes prior to the designated start time. It requires some time for event insurance registration (the fee is included in the ticket) and for moving to the rehearsal room. Please allow enough time to arrive at the venue.
  • Photography and video recording may occur during the workshop for our publicity materials.
  • The admission ages are determined as of the actual date of the event.
  • There are certain movements for a pair of one child and one companion during some of the workshops. Please note that the staffs cannot assist in case 2 children participate with one companion.
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances, all workshop programs are subject to last-minute changes and cancellations.
  • Nursing room is available. (only classes for 6-18 months / 19-35 months)
  • Child care service is available. (Reservation and fee required. A limited number of children is accepted.)
    Event Child Care Service: Mother’s 0120-788-222


540 yen
*Companions (Junior high school students or older) are also required to purchase tickets.

-Tickets for “Migo’s Magic” and “One Day Session”
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Ticket Service (TEL/Ticket counter)
TEL: 03-5685-0650

-Tickets for “Workshop Concert—Soprano&Baritone”
・Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Ticket Service
TEL: 03-5685-0650


・Lawson Ticket [L-Code: 32850]
TEL: 0570-000-407


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Production Section
TEL: 03-3828-2111


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Rehearsal Room and Recital Hall



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan / Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Endorsed by
The Portugal Embassy in Tokyo, Taito-ku Board of Education