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Music Program TOKYO

This music program brings together a diverse range of events centered on creativity and participation, with the aim of revitalizing music culture in the global city of arts and culture that is Tokyo. With classical music as the central theme, this program will feature “Enjoy Concerts!,” which features a diverse array of concerts held in partnership with artists and cultural facilities in a variety of fields; “Workshop Workshop!,” undertaken in collaboration with overseas organizations that promote musical education; and the “Music Education Program,” which is designed especially for children, who will lead the next generation, and more.


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and other locations

Events Information

Enjoy Concerts!

Offering a diverse array of concerts centered on creativity and participation, this initiative aims to invigorate and boost the creativity of Tokyo’s music culture.

Workshop Workshop!

In partnership with various cultural institutions in Japan and abroad including Portuguese music facility Casa da Música, we hold a range of workshops as well as Workshop Leader Education Program.

Music Education Program

All year round we hold our wide-ranging Music Education Program, designed especially for children who will lead the way in the future and emphasizing creativity and participation.

Other Fiscal Years