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Makoto Nomura Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival: Interactive discussion with artists (online) #01

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Tales of the unexpected:
Artwork creation that drives communities and people, and can’t be labeled

For ten years, we have been developing participatory art programs with invited artists active in a variety of fields in the community under the project “Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju – Connecting through Sound Art.” The creative process for these programs involves not only the artists but also local participants. The Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival is directed by composer and musician Makoto Nomura. At its core are the members of the Pun Music Study Group, a citizens’ volunteer organization that visits events, and performs in concert.

The involvement of participants does not always go as expected; artworks are created as the result of various encounters and chance occurrences. Occasionally there is a series of unlikely, unexpected events; and the project’s range seems to expand to inspire and mobilize neighborhoods and people. In this interactive discussion we explore these easy-going art production processes that defy labeling.

We welcome as guests Tohru Nakazaki, Daisuke Yamashiro and Tomoko Noda of artist collective Nadegata Instant Party, which has continuously created works involving the participation of local people for art festivals and art projects throughout Japan. Nomura himself is very interested in the creative landscape Nadegata Instant Party aspires to, in terms of how the collective gets people involved, and how it has managed to successfully produce works.

We also plan to take viewers’ questions for participants via YouTube Chat for this freewheeling interactive discussion on a summer evening. Enjoy!


Makoto Nomura (Composer / Director of Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival), Nadegata Instant Party (Toru Nakazaki, Daisuke Yamashiro, and Tomoko Noda)

Commentator: Sumiko Kumakura (Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts / Producer of Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju – Connecting through Sound Art)

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