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Interactive discussion with artists (online) #02
Shinji Ohmaki and community art: “We don’t get art!”

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What interesting things can happen when art puts in an appearance in the neighborhood?

Shinji Ohmaki is a leading artist on the contemporary art scene who has produced a succession of delicate yet powerful works. But did you know that since 2011, he has consistently been engaged in art creation with members of the local community in Tokyo’s Adachi-ku?

His main community project is Memorial Rebirth Senju, a performance art piece in which countless soap bubbles instantly transform familiar townscapes into landscapes of light. Memorial Rebirth is one of Ohmaki’s most important works and has been held not only in Japan starting with the 2008 Yokohama Triennale, but around the world. However, this project grown in Adachi-ku’s Senju neighborhood is the only one to become a movement that has gone on non-stop for ten years with local people in a specific community, and which now involves around 200 people.

Why does Ohmaki persist with creating his pieces in the Adachi-ku area?
How do local people accept the sudden arrival of art in their midst, and why are they getting involved?
What “chemical reactions” are taking place among neighborhoods and local people because of art?

Joining Ohmaki in discussion to unravel these mysteries is Jun’ya Yamaide, who was active on the world stage as an artist before going on to launch local community projects as representative of NPO BEPPU PROJECT. Yamaide begins by talking about inviting Ohmaki to show works in Hita at the 33rd National Cultural Festival Oita 2018, and events surrounding the successful exhibition of works implemented together with citizens. Also slated to take part are the indispensable local project members who help run initiatives by Ohmaki and Yamaide. This is your chance to hear what they really think now they are able to talk about it!

As artists, what do Ohmaki and Yamaide find in a community environment, and what makes them continue to engage in local projects in places where in practice they come up against a flurry of voices claiming they don’t “get” art? This is set to be an enjoyable discussion on the interesting aspects of getting art into the community.


Shinji Ohmaki
Jun’ya Yamaide

Moderator: Tsukasa Mori (Tokyo Artpoint Project Director, Arts Council Tokyo)
Commentator: Sumiko Kumakura (Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts / Producer of Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju – Connecting through Sound Art)
Special guests: citizen group Ohmaki Denki K.K. which supports Memorial Rebirth Senju, staff of Watertown Hita Art Festival 2018

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